Brave efforts help raise £445.93 for Red Nose Day 2017

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Are there any words?

All for a good cause Stuart, all for a good cause...

Stuart hosting special Comic Relief fitness class on the eve of his biggest challenge

Much fun was had by the team on Friday 24th March 2017, as we raised money on Red Nose Day 2017 for Comic Relief. Although, it should be said perhaps less fun was had by Stuart Freel from Palms Health & Fitness.

Whilst Sales & Marketing enjoyed a plentiful bake sale, a treasure hunt organised by the one and only Buzby Allen and a number of competitions during the day, poor Stuart went to perhaps more extreme lengths for a good cause. Having hosted a special Comic Relief fitness class the night before under relatively harmless conditions, the same cannot be said for the following morning where he (perhaps unwillingly?) had his legs waxed in front of a crowded room filled with expectant staff and Palms members.

As you may notice from the top picture, we're guessing it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences for him, but it didn't take long for others to get involved in giving Aphrodite a helping hand in shedding the hair. Well done that man. Well done.

Across the team we raised £445.93 on Red Nose Day; well done and thanks to all.

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