In the frame: Artist Davie Howes auctions paintings

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One of Davie's watercolours he has auctioned for Potters Friends Foundation

Davie taking a selfie during one of his watercolour masterclasses at Potters

Fancy owning a unique piece of art, which you can watch being created? Thanks to artist, Davie Howes, you can bid for some of his unique watercolours on select Midweek breaks at Potters Resort and help raise money to support worthy causes and acts of kindness in Potters community.  

Davie hosts Watercolour Painting Demonstrations on select Potters breaks so that guests can learn his technique, watch a piece of artwork being created and get some of his top tips. Davie then kindly donates these watercolours to Potters Friends Foundation so that they can be auctioned. On average, each of Davie’s paintings is being auctioned for £130, with every penny going to the Friends Foundation.  

Davie’s watercolours are inspired by Norfolk & Suffolk and the Breckland area. Of course, many guests will recognise Davie from seeing him on stage at Potters. Davie has worked with Potters for around 20 years as a multi-instrumentalist and as our former musical director, showing off his piano and trumpet skills, and is often remembered for his ‘red hot pianos duel’ with Nigel Pattle.

We caught up with Davie, who said: “It’s a pleasure to be able to support Potters Friends Foundation and all the people they help support through auctioning some of my artwork from the demonstrations I do at Potters. It is wonderful to be able to show guests something that I am so passionate about and give them tips, like how much pigment to use and how preparation is vital. Around 50 people attend the demonstration and then people are bidding for the artwork created, which is fantastic.”

A big thank you to Davie for so kindly donating his incredible artwork to us, and to Potters guests for being so generous.

See some more photos of Davie during one of his art classes at Potters and a timelapse video of him painting here.

The Potters Friends Foundation

Why We Set Up The Potters Friends Foundation

To continue the legacy and philanthropy of Brian Potter MBE.

Who & What We Support

Worthy causes and acts of kindness that make a positive impact within our wider Potters community.

How Will We Achieve This?

As well as donations of product and ongoing fundraising efforts, the team at Potters Resort will support causes by giving time and knowledge.