Waiters' Day raises £756.50 for the Potters Friends Foundation

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Whether carrying a tray of drinks or gracefully serving guests in the restaurant, friendly waiters and waitresses perform daily balancing acts.

So, on Wednesday 5th September 2018, we celebrated our waiting team for their dedication and hard-work by treating them to a special day on Resort with competitions and games for all to enjoy.

Whilst the rain put paid to the annual 'Waiters' Race' on the Family Green, the team, including waiting staff from our Black Rock Grill restaurant, put their skills to the test with guests cheering them on as they attempted to complete a giant jigsaw puzzle, win a team scooter race and score in a makeshift game of netball! Members of the winning team each took home a gold(ish) medal following their exertions.

The team also enjoyed a team building breakfast and lunch on Resort, and had the added support of Potters Resort's management team at lunch service. Other activities took place throughout the day, including a treasure hunt and Ten-Pin bowling. Money was raised from guests and staff on Resort for the Potters Friends Foundation via through a plentiful raffle.

John Nemecek, Restaurant Manager said: “Providing warm, engaging and knowledgeable service is so important to Potters and guests tell us time and time again how our restaurant team play a vital role in making their break so memorable. I am really proud of the team, who work extremely hard to provide excellent service and build rapport with guests. We all had a lot of fun spending time together as a team, while raising money for Potters Friends Foundation in the process.”

The Potters Friends Foundation

Why We Set Up The Potters Friends Foundation

To continue the legacy and philanthropy of Brian Potter MBE.

Who & What We Support

Worthy causes and acts of kindness that make a positive impact within our wider Potters community.

How Will We Achieve This?

As well as donations of product and ongoing fundraising efforts, the team at Potters Resort will support causes by giving time and knowledge.